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Tail Management is a specialist division of OfficeTeam, providing strategy and consolidation of your long tail supply base.

There are attractive benefits to adopting a tail end strategy. Representing up to 80% of your supplier roster, the ‘tail’ is labour intensive and inefficient. We work as an extension of your team, consolidating these low value, low volume suppliers. You’ll enjoy a range of cost and process savings. 

Let us take away the hassle and cost of multiple suppliers.

Our solution will help you to work smarter and more efficiently

Want to know what difference tail management could make to your business?

We provide a consolidated, single source for your tail end purchases. Whatever you need, we go the extra mile.

Why choose Tail Management?

By consolidating suppliers you’ll reduce the landed costs of your tail products. Your team can focus on priority spend while we manage the rest.

You’ll reduce your buying costs

reduce your
buying costs


Managing rogue spend is time consuming, and takes resources you might not have. Using a single source solution increases compliance.

You’ll increase compliance



By outsourcing tail spend and eliminating duplicated tasks, you’ll reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of your team.

You’ll be more efficient

be more


A single source tail solution gives you control. You’ll have just one order, one invoice, and a clear, fast picture of usage and spend.

You’ll be more in control

be more
in control


Multiple suppliers mean multiple deliveries. With a managed tail solution your deliveries can be co-ordinated, which is better for your pocket and our planet.

You’ll be greener






Is tail management right for you?

Typically suited to multi-site businesses with a number of specialist suppliers, we can consolidate tail spend across multiple products and services. This enables simplified procurement, warehousing and logistics processes to bring you significant rewards.

Latest insights

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Each year, businesses make millions of purchases that fall under the radar of the procurement function. The spend may be too small to be managed strategically, or the purchases too infrequent.

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Cost, risk and digital are the top priorities for procurement teams. With uncertainty and growth being a constant focus in many businesses, it is unsurprising that reducing cost and managing risk are in the spotlight.

EXPLORE: Tail spend in indirect purchasing

Tail spend is a concept based on the Pareto principle, often referred to as the 80/20 rule. The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

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