Sometimes a procurement requirement emerges that is out of the ordinary. When these needs arise, hours can be lost scouring the marketplace and researching the options. Yet, without that expertise, how can you be sure you’re getting good value? Our specials team can save you the strife and stress by sourcing these items on your behalf.

Whatever you need, we’ll find it

We can give you access to a limitless range of goods via a single source.

Our specials team can source any item outside of our main catalogue, no matter how rare or obscure. We source over £15m of specials for our clients each year. Some of the more unusual items we’ve sourced include hearing aids, toilets, curtain swatches and AstroTurf.
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Call on our expertise & network

Each member of our specials team has been chosen for their expert buying and negotiation skills and deep industry knowledge. Several of them have worked as buyers in our industry for over 20 years. You’ll benefit from their deep understanding of our market and established relationships with an unparalleled network of vendors.

Need it again? We’ll stock it

If there are non-catalogue lines you frequently require, we’ll make them readily available by stocking them for you. Across our network we have over 50,000 pick locations available to hold personalised stock for our clients. This gives us capacity to hold specials on your behalf.

We can also upload details of your specials to our SmartPad system – including images and specifications – so these items can be ordered in the same basket as your other OfficeTeam products and services. Because they’ll be in stock, you’ll receive them next working day alongside your other supplies.