Most companies source the majority of their goods from a handful of key suppliers. Yet niche requirements or ad hoc purchases can lead to a sprawling supply chain. Often these suppliers at the tail-end of the supply chain account for a small amount of spend, but are disproportionately time-consuming to manage.
Our Tail Management team are experts in supply chain consolidation. We can work as an extension of your procurement team to manage labour-intensive tail supply chains on your behalf. Often, we’ll bring these goods into stock – so you can order everything on one order, one delivery and one invoice. In this way, we can reduce your supplier base by up to 80%, achieving cost savings and a simplified procurement process – freeing your employees to focus on the areas that matter.
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Benefits across your business

Through streamlining your supplier base, you can cut the time spent managing a large number of small purchasing contracts.
You can therefore refocus key personnel or even reduce headcount, reducing overhead costs.

Our end-to-end solution will help you to:


You can also improve your company’s CSR performance as fewer separate deliveries mean fewer vans on the road – reducing CO2 emissions.


Is Tail Management right for us?

Typically suitable for corporate, multi-site businesses with a number of specialist suppliers, we can consolidate tail spend across multiple products and services. This enables simplified procurement, warehousing and logistics processes to bring significant rewards.

We operate a five-stage plan to assess your requirements, with fully flexible warehousing and delivery options:
Indirect procurement process
Stock management
Physical distribution
Performance measurement
  • “OfficeTeam’s GNFR Tail Management service has provided a flexible solution which takes the cost and time out of LVMH’s procurement … OfficeTeam actively works with LVMH’s stakeholders and procurement staff to reduce costs across the board and provide specialist product and service advice and support. Through new product recommendations and product alternatives, OfficeTeam has provided an immediate reduction in spend for LVMH. By leveraging spend across multiple product and service categories and utilising bulk buying capability; OfficeTeam has been able to provide savings of 20% over the incumbent suppliers.”
  • “Working with OfficeTeam, our outsourcing project has been a success. We have been able to reduce our operational costs considerably and rationalise our supply base whilst still having some control over where our product is sourced. OfficeTeam have presented savings on key product lines which will deliver further financial benefit in the forthcoming months.”
    William Hill