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The role of technology has been widely acknowledged as key to improving supply chain efficiencies, transforming the procurement process, and most importantly reducing costs. That’s why we’ve invested millions of pounds into the development of our own e-commerce engine – SmartPad – complete with wraparound support.

Dissatisfied with the procurement platforms that already existed in the market, we embarked on an ambitious vision to build our own. Now relied upon by over 100,000 users in SMEs and enterprise organisations alike, SmartPad connects customers to the lowest prices, more products and services than ever before, and easy access business intelligence – not to mention a host of other features to help make your job easier.

Think intuitive workflows that help control spend through budget management functionality, authorisation routes, and pre-defined, user-specific product lists. The role is total expenditure visibility, with minimal fuss, because that’s how hard technology should work for the supply chain industry.

100,000+ products from 10,000+ suppliers

With all the feature-rich functionality you’d expect from a market leading ecommerce site, SmartPad provides access to everything procurement teams need, in one easy-to-use platform. From affordable essentials to products with strong CSR credentials, we have 100,000+ options from 10,000+ renowned suppliers – plus customisable and configurable solutions to satisfy even the most niche of requirements.

And if you need extra support, our trusted UK customer service team are on hand to help. Everything centres on ensuring you achieve a streamlined supply chain with ultimate visibility and control.

Unrivalled SmartPad extras

Business Intelligence

Bringing real-time must-know metrics to help you manage your budget through SmartPad’s robust self-serve reporting and analytics capabilities.


Our SmartPrice and SmartBuy ranges help you choose the products best suited to your business – including products of the best value or eco alternatives.

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Brands we work with

Features and functionality

Our state-of-the-art technology enables our customers to shop smarter and achieve more by offering a consolidated range of bespoke, strategic and specialist business solutions.


We’re continuously evaluating our range of everyday products, to ensure we offer customers the widest, best quality and most flexible essentials required to keep the modern workplace running smoothly.

With over 2,000 products from 5 Star™ – a leading brand in the office supplies market for over 20 years – this range is known for delivering outstanding value and quality, at a competitive price.

SmartPrice Products

We know how difficult it is for our customers to accurately track what’s a fair price to be paying for non-core business items. Our SmartPrice products mean we continually check the market, so you don’t have to!

As a result, we’ve rolled back thousands of prices to help you keep better control of your costs, without sacrificing on quality.


For businesses with the environment and social responsibility at the forefront of their procurement agendas, we have the SmartChoice range.

With products selected especially for their strong CSR credential – from carbon efficiencies to ethical trading – we make it easy for our customers to do business for good.

SmartPad – the benefits

User-friendly features

Designed to cut costs, reduce manual orders, eliminate purchase errors and stop rogue spending.

Efficiencies and spend control

Achieve business efficiencies and spend control, through standardised processes, guided buying, and a centralised procurement strategy.

SmartPad is a powerful analytics engine, giving complete control and visibility of expenditure

Customisable management information

Allowing you to delve deeper into the data that really matters to your business.

Ultimate cost control

With user-defined log ins, set budget levels, cost centres and authorisation levels.

Real time data

Allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and produce timely impact reports.

Identify savings

Through smarter procurement and process efficiencies that could otherwise remain untapped

Available 24/7

Secure access on desktops, tables and mobiles, wherever you may be.

Digitised procurement strategy

Streamline ordering, invoicing and administration, whilst reducing process costs.

Eliminate maverick spend

Pre-approved product lists and authorisation levels reduce the ability for end users to create wrong or free text orders.

Supply chain integration

Achieve a centralised procurement strategy by standardising processes and approvals throughout your business.

Guided buying

We ensure users receive competitive pricing and optimal delivery options, empowering your teams to spend less time procuring products and more time focusing on your business activity.

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