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Need national delivery and a local presence?

As a leading UK provider of workplace supplies, we serve our customers on a nationwide scale. To ensure you receive the goods you need quickly and within budget, we operate a network of 15 warehouses across the UK, all served by our own fleet of delivery vans. So you benefit from a responsive, local delivery service – with live delivery tracking and documented POD – wherever you’re located.

Get what you need, when you need it

We help you buy smarter and achieve more through a consolidated range of dynamic and expert business solutions. To ensure this happens, our service is underpinned by a reliable and robust logistics infrastructure.

  • Rapid, next day delivery
  • Later order cut-off times
  • Direct-to-desk deliveries
  • Closer to our customers
  • Locally based account teams

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Whatever you need, we’re close by

With almost one million square feet of warehousing spread across 15 regional stocking points, we can stock more products at locations closer to your sites. This means goods are available for rapid local delivery – perfect for multi-site, nationwide businesses.

We currently stock over 35,000 catalogue items, which we can deliver to you the next day. We can also stock bespoke items on your behalf, making these lines available for call-off alongside our catalogue goods. When we hold stock on your behalf, we monitor your stock levels and replenish stock based on your usage to ensure future availability.

We’ll deliver to your exact specification

As well as one million square feet of warehousing, we have an in-house logistics fleet of 270 liveried vans and lorries, driven by our directly-employed drivers. This removes third-party charges and gives us greater control over when and where your goods reach you.

Because we use our own team, we can give them specific delivery instructions based on your requirements – for example, to deliver parcels to a specific place, or make multiple drops across the same site.

Track your deliveries in real time

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art vehicle management system, which has increased the efficiency of our fleet and gives you complete traceability of all deliveries.

To ensure rapid service, we use route-planning software to calculate optimal delivery routes. This is paired with in-cab devices that transmit live GPS data, so you can view your deliveries’ progress in real time via an online map.

Get proof of all deliveries

Our in-cab devices use sign-on-glass technology to provide you with a complete audit trail of all deliveries.

Upon delivery, your recipient will be asked to digitally sign the device’s screen. This is immediately transmitted to our systems, giving you proof of delivery (POD) to view and download via our SmartPad system.

We hold your stock, so you don’t need to

Our one million square feet of warehousing, spread across the UK, enables us to stock products close to your sites. This frees up space on your premises, while ensuring you have business critical supplies when you need them.

When we hold stock for you, we manage your inventory using our intelligent SO99 inventory management system. This uses past data and identifies seasonal trends to forecast future demand, so we can replenish stock based on your usage.

We also run daily re-order reports, and when a stock item reaches its pre-agreed re-order level, we ensure the most cost-effective amounts are replenished to meet forecasted demand, so you never run out.

We’ll free up space on your premises by holding your goods at our depots ready for next day delivery

Access real time stock reports

We give you a weekly stock report detailing your current stock levels, last six months’ usage, the value of slow-moving stock, monthly demand patterns and any items that need replenishing. You can also access ‘real time’ inventory data in the reporting suite of our SmartPad system.

“We believe we have reduced our internal stock levels for workwear, workplace, janitorial and stationery by 60-70%. We completely rely on OfficeTeam to deliver next day.”
St Austell Brewery

We run an award-winning, fuel efficient fleet

We’ve been awarded Gold Fleet status by Masternaught for two consecutive years, in recognition of our fleet’s above average fuel efficiency compared to data from other fleets.

Trust us to drive less, and drive smarter

With over 1.2 million deliveries made each year, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics operations.

This is embedded in our sustainability agenda to drive less, drive smarter and chose fuel efficient vehicles.

We’ve incorporated CSR into our delivery operations through the following:

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